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We are a team of caring dedicated health care professionals of the highest integrity. Tapion Hospital is committed to playing a leading role in the advancement of medical care, advancing patient confidence by utilizing the best staff and equipment to provide excellent health care of value to all.


Values & Beliefs


We will be open and honest.


Our ability to understand and share the feelings of the patient.


A patient certified organization.


Understanding that each individual is unique and recognizing individual difference.


We are reaching for our goals.


We respect patients privacy.


We will treat each individual with respect.


Dr. Merle Clarke

Dr. Merle Clarke


Dr. Merle Clarke is a Nephrologist and in-house consultant at Tapion...

Dr. Nadia Samuel

Dr. Nadia Samuel

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr Nadia Samuel is a former St. Lucian Island Scholar (1990) and went...

Dr. J. R. Daniel

Dr. J. R. Daniel

Cardiologist / Internal Medicine / Board Chairman

Dr. J. R. Daniel is a Cardiologist and in-house consultant...

Dr. Leonard Surage

Dr. Leonard Surage

E.N.T. / Director

Dr. Leonard Surage is an E.N.T. specialist and in-house consultant...

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